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Gan Gan Extend: Caravan Challenge is a fan-game of the year 2000 doujin shoot em up GanGan Extend.  It is a 2 minute time attack game where you blow stuff up and collect score bonuses.


Just one ship with a wide shot, a strong focused shot and a bomb that turns bullets into coins and damages enemies/destructable items.

Hidden bonuses everywhere

Some randomly generated bonuses

Rebind-able controls, window and full screen mode, v-sync and more

Controller and keyboard support (with a quick restart button to bring you back to the beginning of the level)!

Scoring System:

Very simple scoring system, just blast stuff and collect medals from bullet cancels or from destroyed enemies. Here are a few  bonuses to look out for:

Destroy these colored crates if you find them for random bonus points!

Shoot this ship for a 10,000 point bonus if you can find it!

The defeat the boss near the end for a bonus. Use less bombs and don't lose any lives for a higher bonus!

Below is a item key showing the values for all the medals in the game! Grab as many as you can for a higher score!

Post your scores in the comments section!

This fan game was developed using Shooting Game Builder.

Original game: GanGan Extend https://freegame-mugen.jp/shooting/game_63.html

Version 0.30 alpha changes:

-Greatly reduced hitboxes of all bullets

-Reduced focused shot (SUB/SLOW) speed

-Reduced bullet cancel frames during bomb animation

-Adjust scores values of the colored crates

Version 0.32 alpha changes

-Added a hurtbox image for the focus shot (SUB/SLOW)

-Adjusted bomb bullet cancel

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsShoot 'Em Up, Top down shooter


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My best score: 348,683,827

good job! keep trying to beat your PB!